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At River Services Inc (RSI), we believe that your dock should last as long as your love of boating.  Because of this, you may notice some unusual things about how we build; like our extensive use of Southern Yellow Pine to protect against rot and insect damage, that all our piles are CCA treated, and that our boat lifts are from Quality, Tide Tamer, or Ace. We also understand that quality to the owner is often in the details, which is why we offer shingles to match your home, and completely customizable designs.  We also believe in a quality process: we are fully insured, and all our workers are covered under the Longshoreman’s Workman’s Compensation program.  This means we've already covered our risks, so you don't have to worry.  Finally, RSI believes that you shouldn't have to buy more than you want to get quality; River Services Inc will finish a dock to the stage you want it, so you can take over the project at any time.

who is there for you.

A custom RSI dock.

River Services Inc is locally owned, and community oriented.   We believe that to properly serve the community we have to be connected to it.  River Services Inc has been local since 1987, and you can bet we'll be here in the future.  This means you can trust we'll be here to stand by our work, unlike some contractors who seem to be scarce when its time to finish a job, or when you need them to stand by their product.  This also means that you can see our commitment to quality for yourself since our work and satisfied customers live in and around Loudon county.